How it works

The problem

Fake reviews

Achieving a good online reputation has driven a lot of companies to adopt barely transparent systems to have positive reviews.

In a survey conducted by BrightLocal it was found that 74% of the consumers interviewed read a fake review during the last year, but a worrying 89% couldn’t always spot it.

According to the Harvard Business School, the influence of reviews on revenues is estimated to be between 5 and 9%.

Read a fake review

Was not aware

Impact of reviews
on sales

The solution


The Trust in a box

The necessary technology to produce and distribute a cryptographic ticket, the permission to write a review about the location (restaurant, hotel, store, etc.), is embedded in the Tbox


Proof of location

In order to write a certified review in our system, the user needs to proof his/her presence via the mobile device, by tapping the Tbox with it.


Proof of identity

The registration and authentication phase consists in a safe identification of the user, no matter their profile. Visitors, Reviewers and Businesses undergo the same procedure.



By selecting the “heart” icon you can view all the locations you added in your “favourites” list. To add an item to the list, you just need to click in the icon in the upper-right corner of the profile picture.



When you select the notification icon, the following information will be shown: reviews written, time to complete a review, XTB points gained, promotions.


Write a review

It’s easy to write a review: after getting your proof-of-presence, via tapping the Tbox with your mobile device, you have a week to express your opinion. Your review will be certified.



When you click on the profile icon, you access your personal area. You can add or modify your information and your avatar every time you want.

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TBoxChain Project: Development and marketing of a hardware / software system that allows the release of a cryptographic token connected to a location specific geography to be used in tourism and culture. Financial support received from the European Union: € 227,873.60 of which € 113,936.80 as a non-refundable contribution and € 113,936.80 by way of subsidized financing.