Tboxchain is a blockchain-based system (patent pending) to certify online reviews thanks to two key proves:
Proof of location e Proof of identity.

The problem:
Fake reviews

Achieving a good online reputation has driven a lot of businesses to have positive reviews.

In a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal it was found that 79% of people read at least one fake review during the last year, but a worrying 84% couldn’t always spot it.

According to the Harvard Business School, the influence of reviews on revenues is between 5 and 9%.

The Solution

The trust in a box

The main strength of the system Tboxchain is the TBox.
It is an electronic device with the necessary technology to create and distribute a cryptographic token that allows to write a review about the location it is linked to.

Proof of location

In order to write a certified review it is necessary that the user gets a valid cryptographic token (proof of presence) by tapping the Tbox with its mobile device.

During the communication, the geographic position of the mobile device is matched against the geographic footprint of the Tbox as registered durind the installation phase.

Proof of Identity

The registration on the platform consists of a safe identification procedure for the users (reviewers and businesses)


Funzioni base


By clicking on the “heart” you see all the locations that you added to the list of favourites

Write a review

Writing a review is easy. After getting your proof of presence, by tapping the Tbox with your mobile device, you have 7 days to express your opinion.


When you select the notification symbol (bubble) the communication related to the following topics will appear: reviews written, time left for completing the review, XTBs balance, ongoing promotions.


When selecting the profile symbol you can add/modify your personal data and your picture as many time sas you want.